A little update

Hi Voxy friends. 🙂

I don't write much here any more, but you can catch up on my other space.
Photos from the wedding are over there.

Be good to yourselves and each other!!

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First day of freedom

Well, here we are.  Today is literally the first day of the rest of my life.  For the last four years I have struggled daily and trudged into a job that I really disliked but that is no more.  The little vacation that I have before we get married and move is one that is well deserved, or at least, it is  in my opinion.

While I'm calling it a vacation, it really isn't.  I've tasked myself with a lot of things and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish most, if not all, of them.  I have a large bookshelf of books regarding things I'd like to learn programming-wise and it's my goal to get through at least my huge Dreamweaver book to familiarize myself better with the program, PHP5, and ASP.NET.  There are several other things down there as well, but I'm trying to keep my goals realistic. 

Today is just uber busy but by next week, I'm sure that I'll be able to settle into a routine.  That'll keep me from procrastinating at least.  I do need the routine aspect to make things into habit…the good stuff anyway.  The bad stuff always becomes habit much more easily. 

Please pardon me while I make a list.  Boring and likely meaningless to you, but of such great help to me. 🙂

  • P90
  • Break
  • Write
  • Pole out (W,F)/Pole in(M,T,R)
  • Break
  • Read

Anywho, time is just ticking away and I've gotta get a move on.  See bullet number 2 up there?  That means I'll try to send you a tidbit daily.  I've tried before and failed, but this time could be the winner.  Wish me luck!

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Who’s at my door?

Yesterday, in the hot minute I have between getting home and starting
dinner, I managed to unpackage my new X Pole and get it into its carrying
case home. I was just about to start up the stairs with it (this thing is
freaking heavy!!) when someone knocked on the door. With pole still in tow,
I went over to the door and looked through the glass.

We have the goofy kind of glass that you can only sorta see through and the
person outside can certainly see you if you've come to the door. When I
looked out, I only saw jeans and sneakers and assumed it was Lovey's BFF.
As such, I opened the door only to be stared in the face by two gentlemen
sporting Comcast shirts.

Slightly confused, I blurted out, "We don't have Comcast". Oh, I should
mention that I've been getting phone calls for the last two days trying to
confirm my appointment with Comcast. Coincidence? My opening line didn't
even faze these guys. They jumped right in with their sales pitch. Went a
little something like this: (CG1 & CG2 are Comcast Guys)

CG1: Yes, we know you don't have Comcast, that's why we're here.

Me: Oh. Well, unless you can give me every football game every week, I'll
NEVER switch to Comcast.

CG2: (in a kinda nasty tone) Oh, you're one of *those* people. Sunday
Direct Ticket.

Me: That's right.

CG1: Well, you know, you're paying a whole bunch extra for just a couple of
good games…

Me: Look, I'm Pittsburgh born and raised. I WILL see my Steelers, in my
house, on my TV, every week, without fail, end of story.

CG2: (eye roll)

CG1: Okay, okay. Well, who do you have for your phone and internet

Me: (at this point, the pole is REALLY heavy and I want them to go away
but can't bring myself to just shut the door…time to embellish a little)
Ugh, I don't know. BellSouth, I think.

CG1: Well, if you don't mind me asking, how much do you pay a month?

Me: (I kinda do mind you asking so now I'm going to flat out lie to you.)
Look dude, I don't know. I don't pay the bills. That's not my job. It's
also why I don't care how much DirecTv costs, how much Sunday Ticket costs,
or how much the phone costs. (I know what providers we have and where every
penny goes.)

CG1: (totally deflated) Well, okay. Thanks for your time.

Me: No problem.

Close door.

So the real question is, since when did Comcast start going door-to-door
like they're Jehova's Witnesses?!?! (no disrespect to the Jehova's)

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If you’re reading this, you’re either in the ‘hood or you’ve been invited
depending on which site you’re reading. I’ve been forced into lockdown mode
due to The Man snooping around. As with most folks, there are some things
that I feel The Man doesn’t need to know. Wait, make that I feel that The
Man doesn’t need to know *anything* about me. Isn’t that just terrible? No
matter, my time on lockdown is limited and soon I will return to my full-on,
open to the world blogging.

Due to a lack of football and my really missing it, I run my countdown
football style. Right now we are closing out the final week of the season.
So, do the math and you can figure out when my own personal Super Bowl is. I
keep a note where it can be seen at all times and I actually borrow a line
from OchoCinco reminding myself to be great every day. It also reminds me
how far along in the season I am and also to stay in the game. I’m around
95% sure that anyone else who saw my little note would just shrug it off as
“man, she’s crazy” and that’s just the way I like it.

Today’s P90X torture was Arms and Shoulders plus Abs. I was able to make it
through Arms and Shoulders, but the Ab workout was the most horrific thing
I’ve ever seen or tried. I am no stranger to ab workouts either. I
typically get two good ones in a week over at ye ole pole class, but this
blew those away. All I can do is be hopeful that the next time that workout
rolls around that my abs will bring their A game. On the up side of all of
this, my clothes are starting to fit a lot better and I’m overall feeling
better about myself. So, SCORE!

Do you want to read about wedding stuff? Maybe? Okay, well skip ahead if
you don’t and keep going if you do. All is going swimmingly with the
planning. Not really much to do and I like it that way. Still have to
dress the child and the groom (which somehow is my responsibility…the child,
sure, but the groom should be able to handle this on his own) but I do at
least have ideas for them. Even though I bought my dress over a month ago,
I don’t have my first fitting for another month still. By then, I should be
well on my way to a rocking hawt bod. Must resist the temptation to buy a
shit ton of new clothes for honeymoon week.

I’ll keep this from getting too long-winded here. I hope that all my
readership is well and as always, I thank you for visiting. Come back
tomorrow for more rambling from my slightly bent mind. 🙂

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End of the blogging hiatus

LL said, "Don't call it a comeback!" That's right, I'm back.

With my Bachelor's degree firmly (and finally!) behind me, I can get back to more fun stuff like writing about some of the hilarity I see on a daily basis. A lot of times, I do write about just that and I got some great stuff today.

Today, all a couple months late, I had a sit-down with my boss and we discussed my annual review. I honestly think that my boss is afraid of me ever since I threw her under the bus that one time, but that's neither here nor there. At the very least, I know that she's quite uncomfortable with giving constructive criticism or having to point out any negative aspects. The whole thing went considerably better than I thought it would to be totally honest. I mean, I didn't expect her to try to toss me under the bus, but I didn't expect her to be pleasant so much. I suppose that part of that could come from the vibe I put forth which was fueled by good tunes in the headphones all morning. With music, I can accomplish anything.

So, on the plus side, I'm super punctual and I'm pretty much always here barring emergencies and time off that I schedule fairly far in advance. I'm a great multi-tasker and I'm pretty slick with applying the technical knowledge. Hahaha, I can block people out when I need to concentrate and I have just the right combination of friendliness and professionalism. Also, I'm a pretty good troubleshooter (I hope so, that's a main part of my job).

It's not all sunshine and roses though. It is perceived (boss' words, not mine) that I am not an active participant in some projects. In conversation, my boss said that I don't seem interested in my work. I do it and I do it correctly and in a timely fashion, but I just don't really care about it is the perception. Is this so bad? I don't really think so. I didn't think that my boss was quite so perceptive because boss is correct. My current position isn't really related to what my degree is in nor does it particularly pique my interest. Pride and work ethic say that I do my shit and do it right, but I don't have to like it. I didn't bother trying to explain that. I'll just keep handling my business and I'll put a little more effort into pretending that I love it.

And now, some comic relief!

You may or may not remember this post. (It'll open in a new window for you. I'll wait.)

Well, Person A had another run-in with Person B today. It went a little something like this:

Person A is heating up lunch in the microwave. Person B is directly behind Person A staring blankly at the drink vending machine. Person B is holding a coin.

Person B: Umm, I'm gonna ask a dumb question here.

Person A: Okay.

Person B: Does this machine only take dollars?

Person A: (slightly taken aback) No, it takes coins also.

Person B: Where do they go?

Person A: (pointing) In that slot right there.

Person B: Ohhh! Thanks.

Person B inserts the remaining coins into the machine. This happens to be one of the machines that has the little holder that goes to pick up your drink and puts it fairly gently in the receptacle for it to be retrieved.

Person B: Oooh! Wow!! I've never seen this before! Isn't that the neatest thing you've ever seen??!?!

Person A: Um, yes. It's pretty cool.

These are the things that must be dealt with at my job. And they wonder why I don't look thrilled about it.

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…that's right.  Is like playing with my emotions.

Today, I threw my former gynecologist's office right under the bus.  Then I backed up and ran them over again.  I've been going there for nearly four years as they came recommended by someone that I trust.  Also, they speak clear English and that's really important to me when it comes to my medical care.
They've requested-until-I-caved-in me to have a couple of procedures in the past that I knew I didn't need.  I've had these parts for 36 years and I know how they act.  Sometimes they need a procedure, but most times they do not.
The shortest straw has been drawn for me and that straw broke the relationship.
I am fortunate.  I have health insurance (right now).  And for this pleasure, I pay with my soul, but that's another story.  I know how insurance works.  This is not my first time having it.  SO, Doctor, I know that I pay you the co-pay and you bill the insurance.  They don't pay you everything you charge because you overcharge like bars in a strip club.  But this is not my problem.  Until this year apparently.
You see, you've decided to change your policies.  Instead of me paying my lovely co-pay, you've decided that ALL patients should pay you $150 up front and (I shit you not) if after you bill the insurance, you'll cut me a check for whatever I overpaid.
Have.  You.  Lost.  Your.  Everloving.  Minds?!?!?!
I'm sorry.  Never once has one of my bills come back to you.  Never once have I owed your office money.  And this is the shit you're gonna pull?  You tell me I have a deductible (which isn't listed on the card, you had to look online or call) but  you couldn't bother to see that I have a co-pay and you can't rape me for $150 thinking I'm some other moron down here that isn't gonna throw you under the bus?!?!
Get under the bus, bitches.
Yeah, that's right.  I called my insurance company.  I peppered them with questions.  I know you're wrong.  I also know that what you're doing is in violation of your contract with the insurance company.  And I reported your ass.  You know why?  Cuz times are hard, motherfuckers.  While you're living in your big ass house, driving your nice car, some of us are just getting by and trying to stay healthy.  How can you charge someone $150 in these times and expect them to wait for you to send back the extra?  I know that I wouldn't have seen my $110 for over a month and that's only if you didn't try to steal more of it from me.
Not everyone is gonna call you on this, but I did.  What you're doing is uncalled for.  It's filthy and I despise you for it.  I know it isn't common practice either.  I've been to many doctors from dermatologists to chiropractors and EVERY OTHER DOCTOR has been about helping the patient, not screwing them.
Karma is a bitch.

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